Dlamini says patriarchy is the reason behind her disqualification for NEC position

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Former African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) president, Bathabile Dlamini says she believes the Party’s electoral committee has treated her unfairly in disqualifying her from running for the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Dlamini, says she believes her disqualification from standing for any position in the Party is the result of patriarchy.

Last week Dlamini dropped her legal challenge against her disqualification by the Party’s Electoral Committee.

The Committee based its decision on its rule that anyone found guilty of a serious crime for which the prison sentence was more than six months was ineligible to stand. In April this year, Dlamini was sentenced to four years behind bars or a R200 000 fine for perjury related to the SASSA grants crisis of 2017.

Speaking on the sidelines at the Party’s 55th National Conference, Dlamini adds that she was ready to seek legal recourse on the matter, but decided against it.

“At the beginning I got very emotional, and angry- I even thought I would go to court, I even had everything prepared for court. But I instructed my lawyers to drop the case. It’s painful, and there are many things that are happening right now in the ANC- but also a look at patriarchy in action- men, defending other men, and bullying and purging others.”

She says she is disappointed in the committee.

“I never thought that the Electoral Committee was there to purge people they have made amendments their own amendments but also there are gaps they are a committee you appeal to them and they have to respond to you they are like a child that is writing homework but is marking herself,” she adds.

Meanwhile, several commissions sitting at the National Conference will be tackling tough issues including organisational renewal – as voting continues for the top 7 leadership positions.

The step aside aside rule to deal with those charged with corruption will be a major focus following complaints by some members that it has been wrongly implemented to target those seen to be a threat to the current leadership. Strengthening the integrity commission is another issue on the agenda.