Deputy Co-operative Governance Minister Obed Bapela says the ruling party will no longer tolerate alleged corruption in the North West.

Bapela says more allegations of corruption against Premier Supra Mahumapelo have emerged, causing more divisions in the province.

Mahumapelo is one of the people who fully supported former President Jacob Zuma and has been reported to have linked with the Gupta family.

There’s temporary relief for Mahumapelo, as the motion of no confidence against him has been postponed.

Bapela says, “I’m quite confident that all members will definitely vote against the motion because members were quite frustrated yesterday that the issue of corruption is the big issue in the province, it might affect us going to 2019. So the ANC will develop a program on dealing with all the allegations. Test them, verify them and take whatever course of action because from the 54th national conference one of the resolutions was to fight corruption wherever it raises its head.”

Meanwhile, the South African Communist Party’s (SACP) North West secretary Madoda Sambatha has expressed disappointment over the postponement of the motion of no confidence in Mahumapelo.

Madoda says the premier should be recalled with or without the vote of no confidence.

“We’ve never vouched as the SACP that the Premier should be removed with a vote of no confidence. We’ve taken a decision that the ANC must take a very serious decision to recall the Premier of North West and our argument is not necessarily the same with those who have been arguing for a no confidence vote, our view is that with the Premier at the helm, the ANC and government in the province is going down. You must help us recall the Premier.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the North West says it would not have any problem in supporting whoever the ANC would deploy after the removal of Mahumapelo as the Premier.

Social media users were most upset about Denel awarding a more than R1.1 million bursary to Mahumapelo’s son.

This is what social media had to say on the matter: