Parties representing Khoi and San communities perform dismally

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Small political parties representing the interests of the Khoi and San communities in the Northern Cape performed dismally in the general elections.

The Khoisan Revolution and the Aboriginal Khoisan both contested the national and provincial elections.

Khoisan Revolution says it is open to the idea of the formation of one party.

Reflecting on the outcome of the elections, small political parties representing the Khoi and San communities, say they need to work harder to gain the people’s confidence.

This was after both parties failed to secure even 1% of the votes.

Khoisan Revolution’s Stanley Peterse says: “It the first time that we contested the provincial and national elections. We give our national vote to Icosa which did very well nationally but now we realise, we need to talk, from my side as a Khoisan revolution party leader, I can step down as we’re united going forward.”

Khoi and San communities  in Platfontein voted for parties like the ANC and DA.

They questioned the visibility of these political parties prior to elections.

Khoisan National Council’s Wentzel Katjara says:”The Khoi and San political leaders, they didn’t start with the communities here in Platfontein to do their field work, so that they can involve in political debate with them, that is one of the reason why they are not elected. We have big parties, the ANC, DA and EFF.”

It remains to be seen whether the Khoisan Revolution and the Aboriginal Khoisan will now form a single party that will represent the interest of the Khoi and San communities.

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