‘Parties found guilty of spreading disinformation could be fined R200 000’

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The Right2Know campaign says political parties could face a fine of R200 000 if found guilty of spreading disinformation during their election campaign trails.

According to the disinformation project, infringements could be referred to the Electoral Court for adjudication ahead of the local government elections.

This would include bribing voters, destroying posters of other political parties – as well as using language which provokes violence or intimidation of voters.

The National Campaign Organiser at Right2Know Lazola Kati says, “We have got access to tools and apps that can assist us to monitor in terms of the media reports and in terms of communication that political parties do publicly.”

“We are calling on the public to report [disinformation] to the IEC offices and IEC courts because we want this to be something that is normalised in society – that we do seek pure information and make sure that we hold IEC courts accountable and we also hold them to their word,” adds Kati.

The video below, looks at what to consider when voting: Xolani Dube: