Parliament’s research unit suggests recommendations on dealing with State Capture report

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The research unit in parliament has made a few recommendations to the National Assembly (NA) on how to deal with the State Capture Commission Report.

The research unit was tasked to analyze the report to give advice to the relevant rules committees on how to scrutinise the plan of action by the executive to implement the recommendations of the report.

It took four months for President Cyril Ramaphosa to formally submit all the different sets of the report in the national legislature.

Secretary to the National Assembly Masibulele Xaso says, “What we are doing today is to deal with the process, (and) not so much the merits of the recommendations on how parliament ought to process these recommendations and of course, these are our proposals in that regard. In terms of how these recommendations are to be processed, there are two aspects and I will get to some details. In respects of one of these aspects, as indicated, there are those that relate specifically to how parliament should conduct its business.”

State Capture Report requires redesign of anti-corruption architecture: Ramaphosa