Parliament’s oversight committee barred from entering Enyobeni Tavern

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The oversight visit by the Portfolio Committee for women, youth and persons with disabilities was cut short in East London as entry to the Enyobeni Tavern was barred.

The Parliamentary committee visit comes after the tragic deaths of 21 young patrons on the 26th of last month.

Enyobeni Tavern Gallery:

Portfolio Committee Chairperson Nonhlahla Ncube-Ndaba expressed her disappointment when she found the tavern doors locked.

“As members of Parliament we have rights to come and do our oversight so no one must bar us or block us from doing our job. So that’s why, people must be held accountable for whatever they are doing. We are going to do our work.”

Mass funeral preparations

Preparations are under way for the funeral of 21 young people that died at Enyobeni Tavern at Scenery Park in East London in the Eastern Cape.

Engineers are on site erecting a marquee that will host mourners during the funeral service scheduled for Wednesday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to attend the funeral.

The young people died more than a week ago. Police are yet to release the results of the forensic tests conducted to determine the cause of deaths.