Parliament’s new policy travel benefits finalised

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The finalization of Parliament’s new policy travel benefits, including ticket flights for members of parliament, has been confirmed.

According to the new policy on travel facilities, former members of parliament who have completed the full parliamentary five-year term will have their tickets reduced from 48 to 12 flying tickets a year.

The policy also states that the tickets must be used in their entirety during the calendar year budgeted for, or the remaining tickets will be forfeited.

Parliamentary Spokesperson, Moloto Mothapo estimates that reducing financial support for air travel will save R22 million over the next five years.

“New limits such as those relating to the period MP’s may enjoy these benefits as well as the downgrading of aircraft travelling from business to economy will save the public purse about 22 million over the next five years. Parliament is confident that based on the actuarial assessment and projections conducted, the new policy will undoubtedly significantly reduce the funding required for this purpose which leaves the burden from the public purse in light of these prevailing economic conditions,” says Mothapo.