Parliament’s Ethics Committee reacts to Manana’s resignation

Mduduzi Manana
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Parliament’s Ethics Committee is not impressed with the way African National Congress (ANC) MP Mduduzi Manana resigned from Parliament.

Speaker Baleka Mbete only received his resignation letter on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, MPs flew to Cape Town for a meeting regarding his conviction for abuse.

On the eve of his appearance before this committee, convicted abuser Mduduzi Manana posted his resignation on social media.

Co-Chair of Joint Ethics Sub Committee, Omie Singh says: “Mr Manana was aware that this case was today, for him to resign a day before, it’s anyone’s guess why he would do that.”

Singh expressed his shock at the media’s calling him for a comment on Manana’s resignation.

“The media seemed to have had the info before myself. I got a call from the SABC around 4, asking for a comment and I was at that point very surprised that the media had already got a letter,” says Singh.

Singh said he needed official confirmation from Parliament.

The ANC in Parliament says his voluntary resignation shows remorse and it explained why the resignation came when it did.

ANC Parliamentary spokesperson, Nonceba Mhlauli says: “In his public statement that we have noted, he does say that he was waiting for the NPA to make a decision as to whether they will prosecute him or not on the second case, and that came through on Monday.”

Last year, Manana admitted guilt for assaulting a woman in Johannesburg. He was later accused of assaulting his former domestic worker, but the NPA dropped the charges.

Opposition parties are not satisfied.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Annelie Lotriet says: “I think it’s actually a travesty especially against women and the victims in particular when someone sits as an MP for 10 months having been convicted and still remaining an MP without taking any action.”

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) Liezl van der Merwe says: “We want assurances that he will play no senior role in the upcoming elections. I don’t think it gels well in a country where gender based violence is such a serious crisis.”

Parliament’s forked tens of thousands of rand in MPs travel costs. The committee will seek legal advice on recuperating the wasted funds.