Parliament wants Afriforum bid to halt land debate struck off the roll

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Parliament says it remains confident that the High Court in Cape Town will strike lobby group Afriforum‘s bid off the roll. The two parties will be back in court on Thursday before a full bench of the High Court.

Afriforum is challenging the Constitutional Review Committee report on land saying the process was flawed and did not consider the 180 written submissions.

Parliament’s Spokesperson Moloto Mothapo says they believe that the court bid is aimed at frustrating Parliament’s constitutional right to conduct its business.

“It is intended to gag the great majority of South Africans who have come out in their thousands in all the provinces to give a view about what the future legislation they require. It is intended to frustrate the expressed will of the great majority of South Africans, and this is not something that cannot be allowed. It is ill advised; it is convoluted; it is not even clear as to what recourse they require from the court other than a clear manipulated process that is funded by deep pockets to frustrate the will of the people and to frustrate the processes of Parliament.”

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