Democratic Alliance (DA) Chief Whip John Steenhuisen has described as a complete disgrace for Parliament to be found wanting by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Zondo who is chairing the State Capture Inquiry wants to appoint a task team to investigate Parliament for its failure to execute its oversight role to prevent the looting of tax payers’ money.

He says he wants to know why the National Legislature failed to assist various whistle blowers, especially senior officials from the Reserve Bank who had highlighted urgent cases that needed prosecuting for money laundering.

Zondo was responding to testimony from the Reserve Bank’s Shiwa Mazibuko at the inquiry.

Steenhuisen says, “It’s a complete disgrace just as the high level report was a complete disgrace. The high level report did the work that Parliament should have been doing. And here I think Judge Zondo has been absolutely clear and unequivocal that the 5th Parliament and the 4th Parliament failed in their duty to discharge their constitutional obligation to hold the executive or organs of state accountable.”

He adds: “And that’s why the Public Protector case can be a litmus test and Parliament needs to be an intuition with teeth where Ministers who have done wrong fear Parliament. They fear coming to Parliament because they know that they are going to be robustly and vigorously held to account for what they are doing.”

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