Parliament’s Labour Portfolio Committee has sent the Minimum Wage Bill back to the Labour Department for re-drafting.

This comes after the committee considered outstanding submissions and deliberated on the Bill this week.

The implementation of the R3500 National Minimum Wage has been delayed as the Bill is still in the law-making process. It was expected to kick in on the 1st of May.

The Minimum Wage Bill is one of the proposed labour laws that the committee has been deliberating on this week.

Committee Acting Chairperson Sharome van Schalkwyk says they are satisfied with the progress made in processing the National Minimum Wage Bill and related legislation.

She says the committee has now agreed to send the Bill back to the Department to rework it and re-submit to the committee.

Van Schalkwyk says the committee has made changes to the Bill after taking into consideration the inputs received during the public hearings.

She says the redrafting of the Bill by the department must include the inputs received from the public, as agreed to by the committee.