Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete says concerns raised by MPs were behind the decision to beef up security in Parliament ahead of next week’s opening and State of the Nation Address.

Additional cameras have been installed in the house ahead of the State of the Nation Address (SONA), which was disrupted by members in previous years.

Parliament officials say this is not to monitor individuals, but rather monitor proceedings from all angles, especially if furniture is damaged.

Mbete says various MPs have come forward questioning safety in the house.

“At one meeting of leaders of political parties, Reverend Meshoe, who’s been among the oldest serving Parliamentarians, made the point that for the first time ever in his life in Parliament he was afraid for his safety. The issues of stepping up security or relooking at how secure Parliament is, are not necessarily about preparing for this SONA, they are issues that came up historically,” she said.