Parktown Boys polo coach faces 217 sexual abuse charges

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A former Parktown Boys High water polo coach has been acquitted on 110 charges of attempted murder by the High Court in Johannesburg, sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrates court, east of the city.

A 22- year-old Collen Rex now faces a total of 217 remaining charges relating to the sexual abuse of minors at the school.

In August, Rex pleaded guilty to 144 such charges.

His attorney William Robertse submitted an application to the court asking for him to be acquitted of all 110 attempted murder charges brought against him by the state.

Robertse submitted the application earlier on Monday on the grounds that Rex never intended on killing any of the victims.

In a summarised ruling, Judge Peet Jhonson quickly read out that Rex is found not guilty on the charges of attempted murder.

He went on to say that a full in detail judgement will be read out at a later stage of the court proceedings.

Rex was initially arrested in November 2016 after the abuse came to light after the accused was caught on a surveillance camera allegedly fondling a 15-year-old pupil in the common room of the school’s hostel.