Parktown Boys High School court case continues

Parktown Boys school
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A Parktown Boys High School learner has described how Collen Rex, a former water polo coach and hostel master at the school, lured him to his room before molesting him.

The student, who was 14 years at the time, was staying at the hostel when the incident occurred.

Rex is currently on trial in the High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court. He is facing 183 charges including rape, sexual assault and attempted murder.

Proceedings are held in camera as the victims were minors at the time of the alleged violations. One of the witnesses accused his former hostel master of performing oral sex on him.

Ashamed of what had happened, he opted to keep quiet in accordance with the code of silence at the school.

Another witness testified how Rex strangled him until he lost consciousness. And yet another boy explained that they were strangled as part of what the accused said was bonding exercises.

It’s also emerged in court that Rex owned a toy penis made of play-dough.

The witness said the accused tried to force him to perform oral sex on the toy.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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