Parktown Boys High School has released a statement to clarify the circumstances around the drowning of 13-year-old Enock Mpianza.

The Grade 8 learner attended an orientation camp when he was apparently swept away by a river.

His body was found on Friday after a search for him was called off on Thursday.

The school has confirmed that a search for Mpianza was only launched on Thursday, a day after he disappeared. The school has emphasised that there was adult supervision at the camp.

According to Parktown Boys High, the learners participated in water activities that were supervised by trained camp facilitators. After the activity there was a hike and supper, followed by a sleep out in the veld.

On Thursday morning, it was discovered that Mpianza was not at the camp.

The school says internal emergency procedures were immediately instituted by camp management, staff and members of the community. It says the Mpianza’s father was contacted by the headmaster to alert him about the boy’s disappearance.