Parents urged not to overburden children with labour

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant
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Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant says it’s important for children to perform tasks equal to their age that would help nurture them and not abuse their well-being.

She was addressing the National Day Against Child Labour at Wesselsbron in the Free State.

Child labour has reached disturbing levels in countries facing poverty, unemployment and inequality.

Oliphant appealed to parents to not overburden their children with labour.

“I want to say [that] those who are using children at home must use children as part of [their] education… It should be limited to their age; not to abuse them.”

“For example, if you are saying children must go and fetch water, you can’t take a child of seven years and give that child a gallon of 25 litres because it’s far beyond his age. That would affect directly or indirectly the life of that particular child,” says Oliphant

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