As thousands of schoolchildren will be returning back to their classrooms parents whose children remain unplaced around Tshwane schools have threatened to stop the lessons.

In Garankuwa, north of the city, parents still came in their large numbers as they strive to secure spaces for their Grade 1 and 8 children.

Just a day before schools re-opening, Parents’ confusion is deepening as they express their frustration over the general inconvenience of the online system and failure to receive placement offers via SMS.

Some parents in Garankuwa expressed how they feel. “They placed the child at a school that is predominately Tsonga, Sepedi, Venda. I’ve explained to them that the child might go to the school and adapt to the language even though he does not know any vernacular language but he might adapt to the language. But my problem as a mother and a parent is that how am I gonna communicate with this child because I’m not Tsonga, I’m not Pedi, I’m not Venda. I’m speaking Afrikaans and English,” one parent explains.

Another one says they have been told about an opening in February. “Here I get an explanation from one of the management that they may open the space in Feb. By then where will the child be – and also they said they don’t give us assurance that the children will be accepted at the school.”

Others have called for the MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi to intervene. “We don’t want an online system. Panyaza Lesufi must intervene. We are tired about these tenders – if these tenders were not there the kids will not be transported.”

With less than 24 hours before the new academic year for inland, schools begin at least 1 400 pupils still have not been placed. SABC’s Hasina Gori reports…