Paraffin price hike takes a toll on some residents and businesses in Limpopo

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some residents in Seshego, outside Polokwane in Limpopo, say the increase in the price of illuminating paraffin is taking a toll on their livelihood.

This follows the announcement by the Energy Department that consumers will pay 79c more for a litre of illuminating paraffin. These residents say they cannot afford the increasing price and they still do not have electricity in their area.

“We are struggling and life is really hard because we rely on paraffin and it’s very expensive. We have kids that have to go to school. The litre of paraffin can’t sustain us for a day.I’m here to buy paraffin because we don’t have electricity and we use it for cooking and boiling water. It doesn’t last for a mere two days and it’s too expensive. I have five kids and every day they have to go to school and I have to cook,” a resident explains.

Meanwhile, Anikie Khumalo, who sells paraffin and also uses it at her house, says the continued increase on paraffin price is affecting her business.

“I have been selling paraffin for years and it’s now too expensive. I buy a litre for R19 and sell it for R22. I only make R3 in profit and I make a living out of selling the paraffin because I am not working. Some of my customers think that I am the one selling the paraffin in abnormal prices. I also use paraffin here at home and expensive for me,” says Khumalo.