PAPPI welcomes expected fuel price drop

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increases (PAPPI) has welcomed the petrol prices expected decrease that will take effect on Wednesday.

The organisation has, however, expressed concerns over the effect of corruption and political incompetence on fuel prices.

According to the Central Energy Fund’s figures, the price of 95 petrol is expected to be lower by around 54 cents a litre, while 93 petrol is set for a drop of around 39 cents per litre.

The diesel price is expected to drop between 94 cents per litre and R1. 20 cents per litre while illuminating paraffin will drop by about 95 cents per litre.

PAPPI President Visvin Reddy says, “There’s going to be some substantial decreases that’s going to come into effect. Any slash in the price of fuel is most welcome, but I think we need to see the fuel prices in South Africa within the context of how our politicians have actually abused and mismanaged the fuel prices system in the country. Because of that, we’re still paying exorbitant prices for petrol.”

He adds that an average household had to over the past five years find another R1 000 to R2 000 a month just to be able to accommodate the fuel increases.