PAP seeks solutions on conflicts in Africa

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The conflicts afflicting Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, DRC and other parts of the continent, came under scrutiny at the Pan African Parliament on Monday.

The Legislature is calling for a national dialogue to end the ongoing civil war in South Sudan, which has displaced millions. MP’s also condemned the death of 300 Somalis in the weekend’s explosion.

Pan African Parliament (PAP) and the African Union (AU) are concerned about how to end wars on the continent. The AU Commission on Peace and Security presented a gloomy picture with the war ravaging South Sudan taking centre stage.

“South Sudan remains volatile and this is compounded by the renewed fighting in many areas. There is no indication that fighting will end any soon,” said AU’s Catherine Mwangi.

The PAP says the strife will not end, if South Sudan leaders continue to put personal interests ahead of the nation. The legislature’s Committen has 120 medical doctors and 100 nurses. Mane on Cooperation visited Juba last month, on a fact finding mission.

“140 000 people remain in refugee camps. The population of 9millioy children are out of school or don’t complete their education. The economy relies heavily on oil that accounts for 60% of, conflicts even though production is expected to diminish by 2035, “PAP’s Phesheya Hlatshwayo said.

South Sudan blames the rebel leaders for failing to be part of the national dialogue in Juba. “South Sudan needs help of the international community especially Africa. Enough is enough with war. We need peace to start development of the country, South Sudan MP, Agnes Lasuba.

Meanwhile, a motion calling for the lifting of the US ban on citizens of Chad from entering the US was adopted. Washington accuses Chad of failing to share information on activities of Al Shabab terrorists in the region.

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– By Montlenyane Diphoko