PAP management not keeping proper records of expenditure, assets

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The Pan African Parliament Committee on Audit and Public Accounts says management is not keeping proper records of expenditure and assets; neither is it complying with African Union regulations in hiring and paying staff.

Various members say they are appalled by the lack of accountability in a body that is expected to be exemplary to the continent and is still seeking more powers.

The Pan African Parliament Committee on Audit and Public Accounts is made up of 15 of the 275 MPs representing the 55-member states of the African Union.

It met in August to review reports of the PAP Internal Audit and Board of External Auditors.

What it found has appalled members.

“Everything is poor performance. How come we haven’t come with a resolution to say ‘enough is enough?’” says Uganda’s MP.

Some MPs accuse office bearers of nepotism, employing people from their own countries at international rates even for jobs that can be done by local staff at local rates.

“We have a major challenge getting countries to ratify to give us legislative powers. Donors have withdrawn funding,” says Ghana’s MP Mohammed Mubarak.

Some MPs say the Audit Committee’s recommendations are watered down and they should recommend firing the entire finance department.

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– By Nthakoana Ngatane