PANSALB welcomes Cabinet’s approval of Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill for public comment

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The Pan South African Language Board’s (PANSALB) Chief Executive Officer Lance Schultz has welcomed Cabinet’s approval of the publication of the Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill for public comment.

The Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele announced the development during a post-Cabinet briefing.

Shultz says the move will pave the way for South African Sign Language to become the country’s 12th official language.

He says, “South African Sign Language is primary language for deaf people in South Africa, and that constitutes an important element for our country’s linguistics diversity and also importantly the cultural heritage. What it will allow now, it will level the playing field in terms of providing good access to resources. Ensuring also now, that it will be provided as part of the constitution.”

VIDEO: PANSALB Chief Executive Officer Lance Schultz’s full interview on the bill: