The Second Annual 28 Days of Language Activism Campaign is set to be launched on Thursday, the 1st of February at Exclusive Books in Rosebank, under the theme: #Speak it Live it: Elevating the status and advance the use of our indigenous languages.

The month-long project comes as an effort by the Pan South African Languages Board (PanSALB) to fulfil the constitution’s mandate that states that no language in South Africa should be disadvantaged over another.

PanSALB’s CEO Dr. Mpho Monareng says the campaign is centred around the 21st of February which is declared the International Mother Language Day by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).

“We started this campaign last year wanting to take the whole 28 days of September till the end of the year to make sure that we put language matters/ multilingualism within the mainstream of social discos around South Africa because language is the key.”

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