PANSALB looks to develop isiXhosa for medical and engineering fields

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The Pan South African Language Board (PANSALB) is discussing and authenticating the use of isiXhosa words in the medical and engineering fields in order to grow the language.

The two-day event in Port Elizabeth aims to contribute to literature to ensure sustainability of the language and to further support its proposal that students and learners must be taught in their home languages.

PANSALB Eastern Cape Senior Manager, Xolisa Tshongolo says regularly contributing to language ensures that it stays alive.

“As PANSALB, we are advocating that students and learners must be taught in the language they understand best. We have always been challenged by the fact that we don’t have enough literature of subject and terminology. So then, these activities are aimed at ensuring that we do get that literature. So that we’ve got the resources that we need for the program to take place because without terminology and literature of subject, we won’t be able to implement the idea of mother language education. And this is very important also to preserve the language.”

For more, watch the video below: