PanSALB gives Polokwane radio stations indigenous language dictionaries

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The Pan South African Language Board has given 32 community radio stations and three SABC stations indigenous language dictionaries in Polokwane.

The event was held at the SABC offices.

PanSALB’s Sally Maepa says the dictionaries in Xitsonga, Tshivheda and Sesotho Sa Lebowa will help the radio stations to use correct language.

“The language activation month is a program that was proclaimed last year by PanSALB so we decided to have the language activation month throughout the month, so that we can make people aware of the importance of language the dictionaries are distributed to the local radio stations and newspapers in order to motivate them to use the appropriate languages when they write and broadcast. It will help a great deal because at least people will not have an excuse of not using the correct language.”

Meanwhile, the representative of the 32 community radio stations, Makondelele Mbedzi, says the dictionaries will help to promote indigenous languages.

“A national community radio station in Limpopo represents 32 stations but at the moment 23 radio stations are on air. We thank PanSALB for giving us dictionaries. These dictionaries will help us to fulfill our mandate which is to inform and educate; these dictionaries will truly help us.”