PANSALB clears Xitsonga spelling on R100 bank note

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The Pan South African Language Board (PANSALB) has resolved that the Xitsonga spelling on the new R100 bank note is correct.

PANSALB has concluded its consultation with the Xitsonga-speaking community in Malamulele and Giyani communities in Limpopo.

The spelling of Banginkulu with N and Bangikulu without N caused a stir amongst the Xitsonga speakers when the notes where launched.

Those opposed to the spelling blamed the South African Reserve Bank of a printing error.

Former language lecturer from the University of South Africa, Paul Nkuna attended the consultations in Giyani, and says the new spelling without an N is the correct one.

“It is the one without an N the reason is that that N entered in many ways from our language as it has been developed by missionaries. It was through white people the word Khonkela and the Khensa entered but we don’t have the of this N only in Banginkulu, we have the problem of this N in many words.”