Sentencing Day for Panayiotou

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The murder trial of Christopher Panayiotou who masterminded the abduction and killing of his wife Jayde, will come to an end on Friday.

Panayiotou and two co-accused will be sentenced in the Port Elizabeth High Court. Jayde Panayiotou was murdered in April 2015 by men who were hired by her husband.

The case comes to a close after mitigating and aggravating circumstances were heard on Thursday.

The State says Panayiotou and Sinethemba Nenembe should get life sentences, and Zolani Sibeko at least 18 years imprisonment.

The State also says it was a calculated premeditated murder, as he paid for the rental car used for 13 days by the hit men.

Adding that he slept next to his wife knowing she could be murdered anytime and did nothing to stop it.

Advocate Marius Stander says that is the behavior of a psychopath.