Pan Africanist Congress of Azania: LGE 2021 Manifesto

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The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) led by Mzwanele Nyhontso launched its 2021 Local Government Elections manifesto at the Monti Motloung Hall in Duduza, Ekurhuleni, on Saturday, 02 October 2021.

The party’s manifesto delivered by Hlabisa comprised of a 10-point municipal strategy on what the party will do to fix municipalities after the local polls.

Despite its early political gains and the marks, it has made in South African history, which includes organising the 1960 march against pass laws imposed by the apartheid government, the PAC has been gripped by infighting and leadership squabbles.

PAC’s 2021 Manifesto Priorities:

Redirecting land use 

The party says it will redirect land use towards building productive capacity, deliver decent housing, durable roads and public amenities, which include cultural, sports, learning, reading, communications and recreational facilities.

Industry development

The party says it will build and develop industries to create jobs, develop productive capacity and maximise trade by implementing the party’s developmental model founded on the premise of ‘One Municipality One Product’.

Uninterrupted service delivery

The PAC says it will provide uninterrupted services inclusive of electricity, sanitation, garbage collection and water to communities, meeting basic human rights that dare not be compromised.

Infrastructure investment

The party says it will invest in infrastructure to leverage growth, drive human progress and economic development.

Invigorating arts, culture & heritage

The party says it will provide the means to invigorate arts, culture and heritage industries to deconstruct mental enslavement, engender pride in the African personality and celebrate the rich and wholesome beauty of our people.

Ending the desecration of public cemeteries

The PAC says it put an emphatic end to the desecration of public cemeteries and restore a culture of respect, dignity and esteem for the departed

Professionalising the municipal system

The PAC says it will professionalise the municipal system by employing technocrats, engendering a customer-centric culture, reducing outsourcing significantly and implementing consequence management to ensure accountability and dignity in the provision of goods and services to the people.

Financial management integrity

The party says it will entrench a culture of financial management integrity by embedding compliance with all relevant legislation and policies because accountability is not an option in the management of public funds and the bestowal of trust, but an obligation.

Investing in poor communities

The party says it will direct the investment of state resources towards communities where the poorest of the poor reside to bridge a historical divide whose continued legacy negates the arrival of freedom and violates human dignity.

Benchmark of excellence in local governance

The PAC’s municipal strategy will strive to establish a benchmark of excellence and integrity in local governance for future generations to build upon, determined in the patriotic quest to achieve uniform human progress so that Azanians from all walks of life may be empowered and enabled to contribute towards the fortunes of a Continent destined to glory across all spheres of human endeavour.

VIDEO: SABC News Politics Editor Mzwandile Mbeje in conversation with PAC leader Mzwanele Nyhontso

Read the full PAC 2021 Local Government Elections Manifesto:

-Compiled by Paballo Lephaka, SABC Digital News Producer