Pan African Parliament reconvenes to tackle issues in the continent

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The Pan African Parliament (PAP) will reconvene in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, on Tuesday as Africa faces a litany of challenges.

Members of Parliaments from the continent will look at ways to revive the institution.

PAP President Chief Fortune Charumbira says they are on course to reposition the parliament to represent the interests of Africans.

Contrary to the past, the Pan African Parliament this time has prepared a comprehensive programme to tackle issues facing the continent like peace and security, strengthening central institutions to support democracy and good governance.

The Parliament is undergoing introspection to fix the past mistakes. It wants to encourage member states to ratify the Malabo Protocol to give powers to the parliament and have an oversight role.

One of the founding fathers of the African Union (AU) and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is set to deliver a keynote address and outline how the body should reposition itself.

Pan African Parliament on a mission to unite and reposition itself:

PAP to unite and reposition itself

Charumbira says his plans to revive the battered image of the institution are on the right course. He is holding a re-orientation workshop to reposition and re-invigorate the divided house.

Charumbira was elected in the position in the recent session that was relatively calm. PAP has been mired in controversies since its establishment.

Charumbira says they are turning around the situation. “First of all, every institution and every grouping should periodically reflect and do introspection. We are doing very well and but for the Pan-African Parliament it is important. We had an unfortunate past and we should say are we still focussed? Who conceived this idea? And we must adapt to new situations and are we answerable to the citizens?”