Pan African Parliament must clean up its battered image: Faki Mahamat

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African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat says it’s time for the Pan African Parliament (PAP) to clean up its battered image.

Last year, the parliament couldn’t elect new leadership after the proceedings descended into chaos when MPs differed on the principle of rotation in the five regions.

Proceedings of the PAP started slightly late due to rolling blackouts in Midrand.

“The unfortunate events that took place in May/June 2021 on the occasion of the election of the bureaus have tarnished the image of this institution and that of an entire continent.”

A frank assessment by the African Union Commission chair Moussa Faki Mahamat after the PAP was plunged into chaos. They were not able to choose the new leadership as there was no consensus on rotation across the five regions on the continent.

The African Union had to step in and bring its legal counsel this time around to elect the president and other representatives.

Faki says the parliament must turn over a new leaf.

“The time has come that we turn this very sad page to the annals of history and start a new page. It’s time to renew your behaviour and be a source of pride for the African Union.”

Rolling blackouts

The issue of rolling blackouts in the country also featured as MPs’ business of the day was slightly delayed due to power cuts.

“We have to fix the issue of electricity as we have been delayed because of load shedding however this area was supposed to be exempted,” said Member of South African Parliament PAP member Pan African Parliament, Pemmy Majodina.

Meanwhile, PAP member Julius Malema says they are looking forward to the election on Wednesday and discussing other matters facing the continent.

Members will face yet another monumental task to try and elect new leadership.

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