PAC President urges expelled members to come back

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PAC President Narius Moloto has called on all expelled members of his party to come back home.

Infighting in the party has seen some prominent members kicked out after disciplinary hearings against them. This and many other challenges facing the party have seen its support base dwindling since 1994.

Divisions within the PAC continue to widen as expelled former presidents, Letlapa Mphahlele and Luthando Mbinda are believed to be considering forming splinter parties.

Moloto says he will continue to forge unity but with some conditions.

He says: “The issue we have a serious problem with is for them to use the PAC logo and the name of the PAC. They can’t do that because if they do that they are polluting the space of the PAC.”

“We will continue to seek to engage with them. The issues that are there is the question that if they want to re-join the party they must come as individuals not as a group,” adds Moloto.

Meanwhile, Political Analyst from the University of Johannesburg, Mcebisi Ndletyana doubts if the PAC will form a united front.

“It is worthwhile from his point of view, especially because he thinks that the party has a role to play but obviously when you head to an election in a year, you need to have a fully functional party with everyone on board. It is good of a leader to want to bring all the forces together but it is quite doubtful that the new PAC president will succeed in that role,” says Ndletyana.