PAC members at Kimberley conference not “renegades”: Mphahlele

Narius Moloto
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Top Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) members who attended the party’s unity conference held in Kimberley appear to have resolved their differences.

These included Letlapa Mphahlele, Luthando Mbinda and Zamekhaya Xhabe.

However, current PAC leader Narius Moloto snubbed the conference after losing his bid to interdict it.

Moloto has labelled those attending the Kimberley unity conference as renegades.

However, expelled PAC president Letlapa Mphahlele has defended them: “Look at the people who are here, these are the founders of this organisation, these are the people who suffered for it. Calling these people renegades will actually trigger something off in the mind of the public. It’s not true, remember some of us who were elected humbled ourselves when the PAC members recalled us. Now we’re simply humbling ourselves before the membership of this organisation so that they should guide us. So we cannot be renegades and at the same time we answer to the call of the members of the PAC.”

His position is unclear, but PAC spokesperson, Apa Pooe says the PAC is now unified until its elective conference and its door is still open to those who are outside:  “We’ve also agreed that we’re going to have a congress from the 14th to the 16th of December where we’re going to elect the leadership of the PAC. We’re going to have a preparatory committee that is going to prepare for that unity at the elective congress. In this agreement, all the leadership of the PAC is included and the Pan African movement.”

However, the internal strife of the Pan African Congress may cost the party dearly in next year’s election.

In a turn of events, the PAC has withdrawn a court challenge to oppose the dismissal of their former MP, Alton Mphethi.

He was expelled from the party and Parliament in 2014. Mphethi will now be reinstated to his former seat and replace current PAC MP, Luthando Mbinda.

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