PAC looking to join forces with like-minded political parties

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The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) says it is engaged in efforts to join forces with other left-leaning political parties ahead of next year’s elections.

It is amongst a number of parties that are eager to forge ties with like-minded entities in an era of a weakened African National Congress (ANC) and coalition politics.

This comes as the Democratic Alliance (DA) is rallying opposition parties to join a moonshot pact that is aimed at unseating the ANC government after next year’s polls.

PAC spokesperson Apa Pooe says the matter was discussed at the party’s most recent National Executive Committee meeting.

“Going forward as an organisation, we are going to engage with those parties and ensure we talk the same thing and we work together because if we are divided, we cannot achieve much. It is just a matter of time before the PAC can announce that we are now going to work together with these parties which are talking the same language as the PAC.”

The party says that has already formed close ties with AZAPO with which it engages in celebrating commemorative events and a joint programme of action.

Pooe says that its Elective Conference in August will determine whether the two will be running mates in next year’s poll.