PAC leadership facing factions again

Narius Moloto
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The newly-found peace among warring Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) leadership factions seems to be in trouble, yet again. Party leader, Narius Moloto has written a letter to the PAC’s Secretary General and the National Executive Committee in which he invoked clause 14.2 of the party’s constitution and placed the PAC under decree.

Moloto says this is due to the failure of the office bearers and the NEC to work together in organising the party’s upcoming National Elective Conference in August.

This effectively means that the current National Executive of the party ceases to exist and an administrator will now be running the party until an elective congress is held.

Moloto says the actions are in line with party policies.

“As a party president, you arrive at a place where there is no agreement towards what you need to achieve. You look into what mechanism do you have in your own constitution to achieve that. For instance, I have appointed, in the administration, the former secretary general of Mpumalanga and Kimberely, so they are all in, everybody is in,” says Moloto.