PAC factions unite ahead of elections

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The Pan African Congress (PAC) has insisted that it is genuinely united not just for the sake of the elections but to preserve the history of the party. The two factions in the party have agreed to unite and head to the May elections as one party following an order by the North Gauteng High Court.

PAC members have been warring over the legitimate leadership of the party since 2013.

“This decision will not go well, more especially to some of the members of the PAC.  It’s natural. The fact that we have leadership from all the different factions in one room and they will be participating as the leadership under one president, to me that shows that we are united.  I don’t know what other unity we should expect,” says the party’s Luthando Mbinda.

Delivering the order in court, Judge Moses Mavundla expressed sadness that the once glorious political movement, the PAC has come to a point where it has ended up into splinter groups due to leadership squabbles. He has made a passionate plea to all the party’s leadership to have a dialogue that will see one PAC participate in the May 8 elections.

Judge Mavundla says it is time that a united PAC prevails even after the election in May.

Meanwhile, the Independent Electoral Commission had earlier ordered the party to sort out leadership squabbles in time for the deadline of Wednesday next week to register one PAC for the elections.