PAC faction threatens to shut down IEC offices

IEC poster
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The Nyhontso-led Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has threatened to shut down all Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) offices if the commission refuses to recognise its President Mzwanele Nyhontso as the face of the party in the upcoming general elections.

The IEC wrote to both PAC factions asking them to resolve their leadership squabbles before the deadline to submit lists of candidates.

This as both factions, one led by Mzwanele Nyhontso and the other by Narius Moloto, claim to be party presidents.

Nyhontso met with the Eastern Cape executive committee in East London and warns that those who think they’re bigger than the party won’t be tolerated.

“There is only one PAC here. They can go and register tomorrow the PAC in this province. They can go and submit the PAC list in this province because there is no faction. The same thing goes to KZN, there is no faction there. There’s only one PEC and that PEC supports the leadership that was elected in Kimberley. Go to Free State, there is one PEC. Go to Western Cape, there is one PEC. Go to Northern Cape, there is one PEC. In all Provinces, where does this Mickey Mouse have support? The IEC must tell us. There is a Mickey Mouse and I am concerned. People must be called for what they are.”

He adds that they’re taking the matter to court but has made threats of a shut down.

“Remember the congress was televised. The public broadcaster, the SABC was there and everybody saw that. Every step of the way was on camera. The nomination process, the announcement, the election, the acceptance speech and yet again the IEC had the audacity to give us an ultimatum as the PAC, the party of revolution, the party of land. We will never accept that. If it means we must shut down IEC, we will. We will shut down IEC. We will sit down to all IEC offices throughout the country. We will shut down IEC. There will never be elections without the PAC.”