Owners urged to vaccinate pets against rabies

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Two cases of rabies have been reported in Ficksburg in the Free State. The people exposed to the virus are receiving treatment.

As part of commemorating World Rabies Day, the Department of Agriculture has conducted a massive vaccination campaign in Bloemfontein.

Dog bites account to most reported cases of human infection. Pet owners are, therefore, urged to regularly vaccinate their animals. Large exposure of infections is on children.

Dog owners have started taking their pets for vaccinations.

“This dog is my best friend; I live with it so I like it. I heard people talking about the vaccination of the dogs then decided to come.”

Rabies’ symptoms include jaw paralysis and aggression. Veterinarian Dr Didi Claassen has cautioned against picking up stray animals.”

“If you do see suspicious behaviour in dogs with changed behaviour or wild animals coming into your yard, report it immediately. And if anything bites or scratches you that’s not supposed to be biting or scratching you, wash those wounds immediately through soap and running water.”