Owner of dogs that allegedly killed Limpopo woman granted R5000 bail

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Some concerned residents in Senwabarwana outside Polokwane, Limpopo have vowed to protest at the local police station, to demand that the bail granted to the owner of dogs that allegedly killed a 43-year-old woman be revoked.

The Sekole family representative, Thuso Phala, says they are saddened that Masebe has been released on bail.

Nchabeleng Masebe who faces a culpable homicide charge, relating to the death of Melittah Sekole, has been granted bail of R5 000 by the Senwabarwana Magistrate’s court on Thursday. Police say Masebe’s dogs attacked Sekole from Makgatho village outside Vivo on the 23rd of December.

Sekole died a few days later in hospital.

One of the community members, Itumeleng says: “We are unhappy because the state is the one that proposed that the man must get bail under conditions that was presented by the prosecutor. We are unhappy now we want to do demonstration at Mara police station the man must be behind bars because this man doesn’t show any remorse”.

Police initially reported that the dogs that attacked Melittah Sekole were Pit bulls, but Masebe’s lawyer says the dogs are in fact Rottweilers. The attack happened about 500-metres from Sekole’s work place, and also about 500-metres from Masebe’s farm.

Sekole family seeks justice following fatal Pit bull attack:

Sixty two-year-old Masebe has been granted bail with conditions. These include that he must report to the Mara police station every day, and also surrender his passport.

The state told the court that an investigation by the Department of Home Affairs has found that Masebe’s Zimbabwean and South African identity documents were both valid.

However, the local African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) has raised concerns of Masebe’s release, even though there is still an investigation to ascertain how he came to acquire South African citizenship, as he also has Zimbabwean identity documents.

Morongwa Sebetha of the ANCWL says there is high possibility that Masebe may flee the country.

“To be honest the fact that Masebe has been released on bail we are not happy they even indicated that they will investigate the issue of him having two ID books. He even has a passport to show that he is not South African. There is possibility of him to escape the country”.

Meanwhile, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – the SPCA – has recommended that the dogs must be put down as they could pose a danger to the community. The SPCA has taken in the three dogs and is assessing their behaviour.

Owner of dogs that allegedly killed Limpopo woman granted R5000 bail: