Parents frustrated over late school placements

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Some parents of learners in the Western Cape have expressed frustration as they are trying to find last-minute placements for their children.

The provincial education department says according to its latest records, over 600 learners are on the waiting list. The Western Cape has in the past grappled with thousands of unplaced learners at the beginning of the year.
Western Cape parents battle to place children:
Despite the reported significant improvement in reducing the backlog, the education department says it received over 50 000 more Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners this year.
A week after schools officially opened, some parents are desperately trying to find schools for their children. This is what some of them had to say.
“The administration gave us forms to compete and choices of subjects. We left contact details and hoping we will be called.”
“We have been waiting for a school to help us but we were told to come to the department. I am frustrated but I cannot point fingers to the schools, but I could’ve applied early.”
“I am frustrated but I also take the blame for not applying earlier. I didn’t apply I myself, but it works before because I did apply online two years ago and that thing it’s working.”