Over 50% of tertiary student doubtful that they’ll be employed after completing studies

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Over 50% of tertiary students in South Africa, say that they’re doubtful that they’ll be employed after completing their studies.

This is according to a study conducted by the Professional Provident Society (PPS).

The annual survey also shows that most students are concerned of the country’s future as a result of high prevalence of corruption, soaring unemployment and the economic devastation caused by COVID-19.

South Africa’s unemployment rate hits a record high from 34.4%: Stats SA:

The PPS head of technical marketing, Motshabi Nomvethe says that it is a disturbing high number, but it has also forced students to consider becoming employers, as opposed to being employees.

“About 55% of them are very worried about the employment prospects post graduation. This number has risen up significantly from 2019 when we last did the study, which at that time was sitting at 39 percent.

So, obviously, all that has happened, plus the pandemic is adding to the anxiety of being able to find employment once they have completed their studies. On the bright side though is that despite the challenges, a whole lot more students now are looking into entrepreneurship.”