Over 360 anglers flocked to Barberspan near Delareyville in North West for the annual Barberspan Bonanza. Anglers from across the country welcomed the return to fishing waters after almost a year of limited angling opportunities under strict lockdown conditions.

Professional anglers, Marius Wheeler and Tinus Taljaard welcomed the bonanza as a great come-back to the season.

“I’ve been out of the game for a year or a season at least, all the COVID-19 regulations. There is much that needed to be done for us to be able to be back in a competitive scenario.”

“It’s not just coming to the water and sit here for the whole day trying to catch a fish and then go home. The town, the businesses here next to the water everything is getting supported by all the people attending to this.”

Organisers say participants are competing in categories, including biggest catfish, moggel and carp caught.

Organiser Johan Schickerling says the competition is not only hailed for its contribution to local tourism but also as a major fundraising event for the local church.

“The Barberspan Bonanza is an old angling competition that has been running for some 24 years. This year, we have 367 participants. It’s going great and our prize money is also great. There are 580 prizes to be won. It’s a very unique fishing competition.”