Over 3000 roadblocks conducted across the country: Cele

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Police Minister Bheki Cele says since the 15th of October, police have conducted over 3000 roadblocks across the country.

Cele gave a media briefing in the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast on the countrywide crime statistics for the festive season thus far. He is in the province as part of the police’s festive season operations.

Cele breaks down the number of arrests for major crimes since October 15th:

“This includes 560 murder suspects; 604 suspects have been charged with attempted murder; and 470 rape suspects have been taken off our streets. 6700 assault GBV suspects and almost 5 000 alleged assaulters have been arrested for common assault. 561 people have been found in possession of firearms and ammunition and are also behind bars.”

Police Minister Bheki Cele updates on safety operations:

Cele also raised concerns around drinking, driving, and drinking in public spaces. He says that since October 15th, police have arrested over 400 drunk drivers.

“Police are acting hard on the abuse of liquor, which remains a core driver of crime, especially contact crime. We are giving a stern warning to those who are stubbornly opting to take liquor illegally that their liquor establishment will be shut down and the liquor will be confiscated as the owners of those establishments will be arrested.”

Cele concerned about prevalence of liquor outlets in communities: