Over 30 ANC members to appear before integrity committee in the North West

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The African National Congress (ANC) Interim Provincial Committee in the North West says it has submitted a list with over 30 names to the office of the Secretary General for members who are to appear before the party’s integrity committee on various matters.

They include, among others, those who are currently appearing in court on criminal cases, convicted for crime and facing the party’s disciplinary hearings. The majority of them are members of parliament, members of the provincial legislature and councillors.

The list, which was leaked to SABC NEWS, was compiled following the party’s recent national executive committee decision that all members implicated in any wrongdoing should step aside.  In the North West, majority of those appearing on the list have criminal cases, while others are facing internal party disciplinary actions. The party in the province says it has already established a provincial integrity committee for members implicated to appear before it.

Spokesperson for the ANC Interim Provincial Committee, Kenny Morolong, says: “The list has been submitted, the IPC will at an appropriate time dissect the report which was submitted to the NEC. We have established a provincial integrity commission whose mandate is to look at all the issues of integrity. We expect those who are facing serious allegations to either step aside and who are facing serious allegations in their respective workplaces and elsewhere, to immediately approach the provincial integrity commission.”

Meanwhile, the governing party’s processes coincided with the South African Council of Churches protests against corruption. In the North West, they protested in the capital Mahikeng.

Coordinator Bishop Molwane Ubane from the Evangelical Lutheran Church says, “As the church we cannot keep quite when we see our people suffering and other people are busy looting in the coffers of our country. We are not going to allow that, and that is why we are here as the church been the voice of the poor, and the voice of the marginalised. We are here to say enough is enough and corruption will never be our heritage and we will never allow that.”

Some of the church leaders who participated in the protest says, “We are asking for change all over, change of mentality, change of attitude and change of behaviour from all concerned. Corruption is evil, our country is crying. Our children are crying; we are here to say enough is enough. It has to stop right now.”

Church leaders have voiced their support for president Cyril Ramaphosa’s efforts to fight corruption in the country.

In the video below, the SACC protests under the banner “Corruption is not our Heritage”: