Over 20 arrested in Ekurhuleni for violating lockdown regulations

Faith Mazibuko
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Over 20 people have been arrested in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg, for violating lockdown regulations. This as some shops were shut down for selling expired goods.

This follows a multidisciplinary operation in Ekurhuleni on Saturday, by Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner Elias Mawela and Gauteng Community Safety MEC, Faith Mazibuko, to try and enforce lockdown regulations.

Law enforcement agencies patrolled the streets of Kempton Park to see if people were complying with the lockdown regulations.

A bad stench in the air from rotten meat led to the questioning of the shop owner, while environmental health inspectors checked items to see if any of the good had reached their sell by date.

Fraudulent documents and expired food were discovered, resulting in the closure of a butcher.

Gauteng Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko says, “It means our people have been taken for a ride for a very long time, but with us now hammering, checking each and every shop. That’s when we’re picking up all the wrong things that have been happening under our nose.”

On the other side, a shop operating illegally was raided weeks ago but was caught operating again. Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner Elias Mawela says COVID-19 lockdown has introduced a new way of policing.

“We need to be on the ground, foot patrolling closer to the people so that we know what’s happening. It’s a new way of policing. Three guys were arrested and four firearms recovered. These guys were intercepted on their way to commit a robbery. Another guy was arrested. He was found in possession of drugs,” says Mawela.

Over 20 people were also arrested for failure to confine themselves to their premises.

Below is a graphic of Level 4 regulations: