Over 1000 children and young people participated in the sixth annual Peace Walk as part of global efforts to end raging wars and promote world peace.

Juliana Kanda, 17-years-old, is one the young people that have written letters to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

She has asked that the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War be adopted in South African law.

Juliana read a part of the letter: “Everywhere in Cape Town you just hear gunshots, people dying because of rage and violence everywhere. So I believe if we want to be united, if we want to be safe we need peace and with peace starts everything. We can get rid of crime, we can get rid of people dying for no reason, murders and all the shooting in all South Africa.”

The theme of the walk, Silence the Guns by 2020, is something that many of the children here fully understand.

Amber Adams, a primary school learner, says: “I think we must have peace in this country because everyone is shooting people and that and children are being killed for gangsterism and so we need peace in our country.”

The International Peace Youth Group hosted the walk. The Peace Declaration is a legal framework that the organisation hopes countries would adopt.

So far, only three have done this.