Over 100 children still without schools in Mpumalanga

School kids in lcass
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Over 100 children are still waiting to be placed at different schools in Mbombela Mpumalanga. Concerned parents have raised concerns that their English-speaking children are waiting to be placed at Laerskool Laeveld in Mbombela. The parents say they applied for their children last year, but were placed on a waiting list.

Laerskool Laeveld has four grade one Afrikaans classes and one English class. One of the affected parents  Jomo Shabalala says that he feels they are being marginalised.

“But what worries me of late is now you have a situation where we still have kids that are from the same area called West Acres who are not enrolled here who are on the waiting list; now my question is how long are going to suffer the same consequences year in and year out? It pushes one to believe that we are in a sense marginalised as residents. Later on we will discover that you have a certain number of classes that have been identified as Afrikaans and you got one English class, when you have majority of our kids who are English.”

Meanwhile, Laerskool Laeveld has refuted allegations that it has overlooked English speaking learners. The SGB chairperson, Spanner van der Mescht, says they are facing an influx of learners who wanted to enrol at the school.

“We got a strict admission policy that we followed and rule at our school. We do feel the concerns for the parents; the English speaking parents at the school therefore we got a meeting on Monday morning at 07:30 with those particular parents to see if we together can find a solution to this. There always additional children as space gets opened.”