Over 100 000 grade one learners report to class in W Cape

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Western Cape Education Minister Debbie Schafer says more than 108 000 grade one learners have reported to classroom in the province as the 2019 academic year begins.

The provincial department has also enrolled over 83 000 grade eight learners. Schafer says a Placement Task Team has been activated to assess the number of learners who still need schools.

There were a few tears at the Forest Village Leadership Academy where she visited.

Schafer explains, “Very often we have people arriving on the first day of school some of them have not even registered at all, some people have been accepted in more than one school. We don’t always know where they want to go then places become open. What we do is on the tenth school day we do what we call a snap survey and after those figures come in we can then assess the state of affairs at schools.”

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