Outrage over arrest of naked UCT protesting student

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A video of police officers dragging a naked woman believed to be a student at the University of Cape Town has caused an up-roar on social media.

It’s reported that the 23-year-old woman was arrested by police after she stripped herself completely naked and blocked traffic in Mowbray earlier on Thursday.

The institution obtained an interdict on Monday to stop students from protesting unlawfully and disrupting campus operations.

Around 200 students went on the rampage, starting fires and causing havoc on Wednesday night.

UCT student, Sihle Lonzi, says the woman in the video stripped naked because she was demonstrating protest art.

“Today has been a very stressful day for students. On lower campus this morning one of our art students was demonstrating through art, not anything else or shutting down classrooms. But she was protesting using innovative ways. The police then gave her a warning. After that they dragged her. She then fainted. We then asked the commander to call the ambulance. 15 minutes later they hadn’t even called the ambulance.”