Outa concerned about workers at Gupta companies

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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says it’s concerned about thousands of workers employed at Gupta owned companies whose jobs are under threat.

Eight Gupta owned businesses have been placed under business rescue. The businesses in financial trouble include five mines namely Optimum Coal Mine, Optimum Coal Terminal, Tegeta Exploration, Koornfontein and Shiva Uranium.

Other businesses are VR laser, as well as Islandsite and Confident Concept, which own properties that include the notorious Gupta compound, ANN7 TV studios and New Age newspaper offices.

Outa chief executive Wayne Duvenage says these businesses were obtained through ill-gotten gains.

“The new owners which are the Guptas were not putting the necessary leadership and time into managing these organisations. So that’s why they are collapsing. Most of these assets have been gained by procurement practices that are absolutely untoward and unethical,” he adds.

“So, I think what we are finding now,  is that the Guptas are leaving the country and these countries are being left in the lurch. South Africa now has to foot the bill and people have to be looked after,” explains Duvenage.

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