Our demonstration must be peaceful: Vavi

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Labour federation SAFTU has reassured South Africans that their planned shutdown protest on Monday will be peaceful.

The federation has reiterated that their demonstration will not be marred by violence and there is no agenda of violence against society.

The federation’s General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi told the media that they will not tolerate any form of intimidation including the robbing of citizens.

“Monday is a shutdown and this is the point we must emphasize now, if you have an agenda of throwing stones, or petrol bombs, or burning property or damaging infrastructure you are not one of us. Our demonstration must be peaceful and the communicated message is that we are not the barbarians that they are painting us to be. It has to be a peaceful demonstration.”

SAFTU briefing on planned national shutdown:

Meanwhile, the Black Business Council CEO Kganki Matabane has urged the organisers of the national shutdown to be mindful of small businesses, as they can not afford to lose income.

“What we are expecting from the EFF, not to interfere with business that are not taking part in the protest and they want to operate like normal and we urge the law enforcement agencies to actually perform their duties diligently because if they can do that, they will be able to protect the protesters but also those who are not protesting.”